Upgraded to 4.7 dev

December 23, 2017 /

Changes in 4.7.0 (upcoming)

* Added: Support for installation on NGINX servers.
* Added: Support for automated installation.
* Added: User-selectable column list options in tables replaces 'Show more
  detail' checkboxes. Settings remembered per device.
* Added: Valueless attributes.
* Added: Optional short tags.
* Added: Tag global attributes: 'breakby', 'breakclass', 'class', 'escape', 'html_id',
  'not' and 'wraptag'.
* Added: <txp:evaluate /> tag.
* Added: <txp:header /> tag allows to set HTML headers for page output.
* Added: <txp:article_custom /> tag can count pages. Enhanced 'month', 'expired' and
  'time' attributes.
* Added: XML and JSON file support. Completely overhauled setup procedure to
  centralise and verify/delete prefs on upgrade. Table structure and preferences
  defined in files for easier maintenance (thanks, makss).
* Added: Per-user admin panel language preference (decoupled from site language
* Added: All users can administer their own key biographical info.
* Added: Button to swap width and height values on image edit thumbnail generator.
* Added: Multiple files upload with progress meter.
* Added: Section searches by description.
* Added: Visual indicator that a subset of search fields are in use.
* Added: One-click comment searches by parent article (thanks, makss).
* Added: Diagnostics can remove sensitive path data.
* Added: 'Expire now' checkbox on Write panel.
* Changed: Pages, Forms and Styles panels save some changes without page refreshes
  (Ajax). Last used Page/Form/Stylesheet remembered.
* Changed: Articles panel performs searches/pagination without refresh (Ajax).
* Changed: Forms can recursively (up to 15 deep) call themselves.
* Changed: <txp:yield> tag now accepts 'name' and 'default' attributes.
* Changed: <txp:output_form yield /> tag supports user-defined attributes, coupled
  with <txp:yield> changes above this allows for '<txp::shortcode />'-like tags.
* Changed: <txp:page_url /> tag accepts URL variables in 'type' attribute.
* Changed: <txp:page_title /> tag SEO - site name renders after page name,
  default separator changed from ': ' to ' | ', page numbers added.
* Changed: <txp:breadcrumb /> can be used as a container tag, and accepts 'type'
* Changed: <txp:category_list /> can output nested lists.
* Changed: <txp:if_category /> accepts 'parent' attribute.
* Changed: Pagination tags (like <txp:newer /> and <txp:older />) can be placed
  before <txp:article /> tag.
* Changed: Reinstate <txp:keywords> tag and add wraptag/class/break attributes.
* Changed: Deprecated the 'poplink' attribute on <txp:thumbnail /> tag.
* Changed: <txp:image_author /> tag now accepts 'id' and 'name' attributes.
* Changed: Deprecated <txp:image_display /> and <txp:image_index /> tags, use
  <txp:image /> and <txp:images />, respectively, instead.
* Changed: Image Edit panel for all users - readonly to some (thanks, phiw13).
* Changed: Textfilter options and help topics moved inline with their textareas.
  Write panel 'sidehelp' twisty and article>sidehelp callback removed.
* Changed: Categories moved from Sort & Display subpanel to their own twisty.
  Override Form (if used) moved to Sort & Display subpanel. 'Advanced' twisty
  and its callback removed.
* Changed: Seamless upgrades: languages also updated automatically.
* Changed: Further improvements to RTL language support.
* Changed: Language Textpacks bundled in core instead of using legacy RPC server.
* Changed: Use local inline help files instead of legacy RPC server. Help topics
  rendered in dialogs instead of new window (thanks, makss).
* Changed: Use JSON file to check for new releases/pre-releases instead of legacy
  RPC server (thanks, makss).
* Changed: Plugin Textpacks stored in database and installed on demand.
* Changed: Plugins have persistent data column available for custom storage.
* Changed: Clearer plugin list on Diagnostics panel.
* Changed: Article posted/modified info and ID moved below Title field.
* Changed: Enable HTTP 226 responses (thanks, da2x).
* Changed: Make Preference panel and subpanels fully printable (thanks, Philippe).
* Changed: Panel states stored only client-side (localStorage).
* Changed: pluggable_ui() behaves more intelligently when chaining.
* Changed: Pagination steps are more grid friendly: 12/24/48/96.
* Changed: More locale-aware date handling in safe_strftime().
* Changed: Deprecated support for uploading .swf files via Images panel (support
  will be removed entirely at Textpattern 4.8.0).
* Changed: Extensive admin theme image optimizations.
* Changed: Admin theme accessibility improvements.
* Fixed: Keyboard navigation on select list popups.
* Fixed: Only update database version string if using release version.
* Fixed: Support for other MySQL client versions (thanks, CeBe).
* Removed: zxcvbn password strength meter.
* Textile v3.6.
* jQuery 3.2.1.
* PrismJS 1.9.0.
* PHPass 0.5.
* jQuery File Upload 9.19.2.